Oakminster is here to provide the best enjoyable care experience to every resident, and we go to great lengths to respect each person’s individual needs and wishes so that we can create a tailored care plan. The right care plan in the right place is essential if a resident is to achieve a happy quality of life. For us, however, this is only half of the equation; the other half is to reassure the family that their relative is coming to the best possible place so everyone involved can enjoy peace of mind.

Because our care provision ranges over several areas, from 24/7 nursing programmes to residential care, respite and short breaks and specialist support for dementia, it’s important that the people in our care is receiving exactly what he or she needs to enjoy a happy and comfortable stay.

We strive to ensure that both our residents and their families are completely satisfied with the service they receive, so that Oakminster becomes an extension of the care and love our residents experience from family members in a home environment.

That’s why, when you first visit us, we take a detailed history of the person’s health, so we can identify exactly the right kind of care that’s needed, and help you choose the place where they will be most content.

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