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If you have any enquiries about any of our care homes please get in touch using our contact details below.

Oakminster Healthcare Ltd

Head Office


40 Lambhill Street,
Glasgow, G41 1AU


0141 427 3988



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For enquiries please contact Caroline Lees on:

Oakview Manor

41-43 Newark Drive, Glasgow, G41 4QA

Tel: 0141 423 8525

For enquiries please contact Margaret Callahan on:


2032 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G13 2HA

Tel: 0141 950 1793

For enquiries please contact Karen Mackie on:

Cumbrae House

4-18 Burnbank Terrace, Glasgow, G20 6UQ

Tel: 0141 332 5909

For enquiries please contact Iain Ballantyne on:

Florence House

70 Nimmo Drive, Glasgow, G51 3SG

Tel: 0141 445 0422

For enquiries please contact Laura Hamilton on:

Chester Park

40 Lambhill Street, Kinning Park, G41 1AU

Tel: 0141 427 9967